Best Online Trivia Games

Best Online Trivia Games

12 Best Online Trivia Games to Play with Friends

Sukanya VS

Updated on September 13, 2023

Looking for fun ways to engage with friends online? Playing trivia games together virtually can spark friendly competition and lively conversation.

With so many entertaining online trivia options to choose from, you're sure to find games that align with your group's interests and get the party started. This post will look at 12 fun online trivia games to play with friends during your next online reunion.

Top Fun Online Trivia Games

1. RushQuiz

RushQuiz is the game to choose if you want to test your knowledge. You can find all you need in these trivia and test games. This game differentiates itself from other competitors due to its unique features and gameplay.

The questions in this game are so specific and fitting that it makes it even more fantastic. So that you may test your knowledge and pick up new information, RushQuiz has made an effort to ensure that the questions are perfect.

There are timed tasks and lifelines to assist you in making the game more engaging. A timer that gives you the impression that you are racing against the clock makes the game even more exciting.

For each question, you have 15 seconds to respond. If you get stuck anywhere in the game, you can use lifelines. Another distinctive feature is that to get extra lifelines, you can Watch Ads and continue playing.

With this free online quiz game, get ready to have a blast and have an experience that is unlike anything else on the market.

2. TriviaMaker

TriviaMaker makes it easy to host customized trivia games for remote play with friends. You can create your quizzes from scratch or browse TriviaMaker's premade games spanning categories like movies, music, history, and science.

To get your friends to join the video call, just send them a link. TriviaMaker will then display questions on your shared screen.

Players then answer on their devices as the app tracks scores in real time, amplifying the fun competitive spirit! TriviaMaker's flexibility to tailor games to your group makes it a top choice for lively virtual trivia nights with friends.

Add some friendly competition to your next video chat and test your knowledge with the delightful TriviaMaker platform.

2. Crowdpurr

Crowdpurr empowers you to create unique online games that you may play with friends and is user-friendly for DIY trivia. Build quizzes from scratch across endless categories or browse existing games curated by the Crowdpurr community.

Once your game is live, Crowdpurr provides a shareable mobile link for players to join without needing the app. As the virtual battle unfolds, Crowdpurr displays real-time scoring so players can track how they stack up against friends. With customizable difficulty, you can craft appropriately fun and challenging quizzes for your group's knowledge level.

3. Travel Trivia

Catch up with friends after time apart traveling with a fun round of Travel Trivia! This game features 7 customizable questions and a leaderboard to spark conversation about your trips and adventures.

Prompt friends to share travel stories and photos as you ask trivia questions related to famous destinations worldwide. Players can easily submit responses from their phones while seeing the game prompts on their shared screen. Travel Trivia is a great way to reconnect with friends' globetrotting experiences!

4. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack brings a colorful twist to classic trivia with endearing visuals. Players spin a wheel to determine category, then compete to correctly answer questions across sports, entertainment, history, science, geography, and art.

Each correct answer earns you an adorable character. Collect all six by outplaying friends and winning characters from their collection. With 10-minute matches, upbeat music, and lighthearted competition, Trivia Crack is an easy way to guarantee smiles during laidback virtual hangouts with friends.

5. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

For a trivia game beyond standard quizzes, Brain Test challenges you to flex your mental muscles with creative puzzles and riddles. While not fact-based, solving each brain teaser requires out-of-the-box thinking that's sure to get your friends laughing and strategizing together.

With over 300 puzzles to unravel, Brain Test promises hours of head-scratching fun on video calls as you work through the challenges. Gather your friends and put your heads together to conquer these entertaining tricky puzzles!

Stretch your thinking and spark lively discussion with Brain Test's imaginative puzzles.

6. Living Facts

How much does your friend squad know about the good ol' U.S. of A? Living Facts serves up interesting trivia tidbits about America today while also quizzing your collective knowledge of U.S. history.

You'll gain some fascinating insights while competing to see who is on top of their national trivia across different periods. With a wide range of questions, Living Facts teaches you new things about the country and each other! Engaging trivia makes learning fun.

7. Popcorn Trivia

For movie lovers, Popcorn Trivia quizzes your cinematic knowledge with questions on films, actors, directors, and more. Create your quizzes to stump movie-buff friends or browse Popcorn Trivia's library of existing movie quizzes that span classics to contemporaries.

Tailor the challenge level based on your group's expertise for optimal fun. Recent and recurring movie themes like summer blockbusters or Oscar contenders provide endless relevant quiz material. If your friend group loves swapping favorite movie quotes, then put your collective pop culture prowess to the test with Popcorn Trivia's cinematic challenges!

8. Heads Up!

Heads Up! infuses trivia fun with charades for a high-energy game night option with friends. One player holds their phone up as others give verbal clues to help them guess the word displayed before time runs out. With themed decks covering movies, celebrities, accents, and more, hilarious guesses are inevitable!

The fast pace keeps laughter flowing freely on video calls with friends. Bring Heads Up! into your next virtual hangout for a lively fusion of trivia and charades everyone will enjoy.

Generate big laughs when you play the hilarious rapid-fire guessing game Heads Up!

9. Psych!

Psych! delivers humor-filled trivia fun by having players invent fake answers to real trivia questions. You submit both a true response and a fictional one. All responses get shuffled anonymously before friends vote on what they think is correct.

Points go to the most convincing bogus response, rewarding creativity alongside knowledge. Psych! is built for Zoom, seamlessly bringing engaging and giggle-filled trivia competition to your online hangouts with friends.

Get creative competing with pals through Psych's wildly entertaining trivia formula.

10. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

This free online adaptation of the iconic game show provides a dramatic trivia experience to share with friends. Players answer 15 multiple-choice questions that increase in difficulty and value, using lifelines along the way before deciding to walk away or risk winnings for the grand prize.

With graphics, music, and suspense from the TV show, you'll feel like you're in the hot seat. While players likely won't claim the entire million-dollar prize, trying to climb the money ladder creates an exciting challenge with friends. Relive the fun of this classic game show as you compete for virtual riches.

11. Who's the Smartest?

Want to find out who in your friend group is secretly a trivia whiz? Who's the Smartest? puts your collective knowledge to the test with one-of-a-kind questions.

This fast-paced trivia game prompts players with questions like the number of episodes in the American version of The Office sitcom or the longest human skeletal bone. With game rounds lasting 5 to 10 minutes, the trivia makes for energetic entertainment for groups video chatting. Participants can quickly submit responses from their phones to find out who among them is the trivia master!

12. Logo Trivia

Think you can match the logo to the brand? Put your visual knowledge to the test with fun rounds of Logo Trivia! This game displays various well-known logos and challenges players to correctly identify the companies they belong to.

Beyond basic recognition, you'll need to dig into your memory banks to connect the visual brands with suitable companies. For designers or creatives, Logo Trivia engages your area of expertise in a lively competition.

The game features interactive elements like word clouds, multiple-choice questions, and user voting to keep the action stimulating. Players can submit answers from their mobile devices and track scores on the leaderboard after each fast-paced round. With so many iconic logos to recognize, Logo Trivia is a visually stimulating pop quiz that will get your video chat going!


Online trivia opens up a world of possibilities to remotely engage with friends. With such a large variety of fun trivia games available, you may suitably adjust the social experience to match your group's interests and energy level. For friendly competition with built-in laughs, online trivia brings a vibrant connection to video hangouts with friends near and far.

The next time your online crew gets together, break out one of these lively trivia games! Taking your virtual gathering to game night mode fosters interaction and friendly rivalry. With so many stellar options, you're sure to uncover new favorite ways to share some trivia fun and bonding moments with your people.

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